Investor Relations

We are committed to keeping all of our shareholders informed. A large part of this commitment is ensuring that all of the information that investors need is readily available and easy to access on our website, which we endeavour to update regularly.

The following links are to areas of our website that contain routine technical, operating, and financial information that is useful for staying up to date on our progress:


Investor Presentations
Press Releases
Technical Reports
Mineral Reserves and Resources
Analyst Coverage


You also may want to consider reviewing our most recent financial statements and their associated Management’s Discussion & Analysis (“MD&A”) report. Our Annual Information Form (“AIF”) is also a comprehensive report on the Company that we prepare annually. All of these documents may be accessed by simply clicking the following link:


Statements, MD&A, and AIF


Another comprehensive source for our disclosure to investors is available under our profile on the SEDAR website,


If you still don’t feel that you have the information you need, please contact any of the individuals listed below. They will be happy to answer your questions and will make certain that you get the information you need:


In South America and Globally:

Minera IRL

Diego Benavides, Director & CEO
+511 4181230